Mirroring model element

Referenced elements are read-only when being presented in current project, which is good to avoid changes being made unexpectedly on referenced elements. However, it can be trouble-some when the referenced elements are in container type, such as a package or a pool (BPMN). This is because when you are referencing a container-typed element, you probably want to add things into it. In order to support this need, Visual Paradigm supported the concept of 'mirror'. By mirroring a model element from referenced project, that element will be localized partially by keeping a mirrored copy in your project which echoes the element in referenced project. The mirrored copy is still non editable except that you can add elements into it.

When you visualize a referenced container-typed element in your project, that view is not yet mirrored. When you try to add a shape into it say by drawing one inside or by dragging one into it, the referenced container will be converted into a mirror automatically. If you want to convert a referenced container into a mirror manually you can right on it and select Convert to Mirror from the popup menu.

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