Maintaining project reference

To reference another project enables you to link to another project, and use its model elements in developing your own project. In this chapter you can see how to add and maintain referenced project.


Referencing another project

Shows you how to add a referenced project.


Referencing other projects' model elements

Having added a referenced project, you can make use of referenced elements in current project.


Mirroring model element

Mirror is a technique to create a partial copy of referenced element in current project. This make it possible to create shapes in a mirroed container shape like package.


Viewing referenced diagrams

You can read the diagrams in referenced project without actually opening it. Click on the diagram in Diagram Navigator to open it.


Duplicating element from linked project

You can clone an element from referenced project through the duplicate function.



Extract common part of your projects through refactoring. Reduce modeling time and effort and guarantees the correctness of model definition.

6. Using ORM Criteria Table of Contents 1. Referencing Another Project

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