How to Create a Sprint

Perform the steps below to create and initiate a sprint for your scrum project. You may try the steps interactively by visiting the interactive product tour.

Creating a sprint in Scrum Process Canvas

A sprint is a short, time-boxed iteration of one to six weeks in duration during which the scrum team work to convert a subset of user stories in the product backlog into shippable product functionalities.

  1. To start a sprint, you need to create a sprint from the Scrum Process Canvas. In the Scrum Process Canvas, click on the work item Create / Switch Sprint.
  2. Select Create New Sprint from the popup menu.
  3. Configure the sprint by giving the sprint a meaning name and setting its start and end date.
  4. Go back to the Scrum Process Canvas via the breadcrumb.
  5. The created sprint is automatically set active, meaning that data to be created will be stored under the created sprint.

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