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How to Manage Software Development Process with Tasifier?

Software development is not an individual task but rather, a teamwork involving people with diverse competence such as programmers, engineers and analysts in order to get things done. Since different parties need to cooperate, an effective way of task management is very crucial to help in planning, storing, managing and keeping track of those countless number of development activities. Tasifier is a task management tool which is tailor-made for software developers. With Tasifier, developers know clearly what to do and everything becomes systematic. In the following, we will show you a tutorial on how Tasifier works by demonstrating the way to create tasks, work on the tasks as well as reviewing all tasks.

Compatible edition(s): Enterprise, Professional, Standard, Modeler

  • September 10, 2014
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Create tasks in Tasifier

To perform this tutorial, you have to first get Tasifier started:

  1. Login to VPository by entering your e-mail address and password then click Login.
    tasifier login
  2. Click on Tasifier icon.
    tasifier after login
    A project, Warehouse in this case is appeared in the left pane. Under the project, you can see 'Task Pools'. As the name implies, a task pool is a 'pool of tasks' and it contains a group of similar or inter-related tasks under the same project. To create a task pool and a task under the project:
  3. Click on the Plus button next to the TASK POOLS caption in the left pane.
    tasifier create task pool
  4. Enter the name of the task pool in the main pane and press Enter to confirm.
    tasifier enter task pool name
  5. Click on the empty row and enter the subject of your task, normally a summary of what you need to do under this particular task and press enter to confirm.
    tasifier task pool create task
  6. Click on the task and this shows the task pane.
    tasifier show detail task pane
  7. Click on the description area under the subject to enter the edit mode of task description. Enter the task details. You can add a new line by pressing Enter. To confirm editing, press Ctrl-Enter or click on the region outside the description field.
    tasifier enter description
  8. After filling in the details, you can specify the due date of the task. Click Due Date near the top right corner of the task pane to set the deadline.
    tasifier  set due date
  9. Select a due date from the calendar or simply type the due date in the Due Date field.
    tasifier set due date calender
  10. Next, you can set an assignee to the task. Click on the icon on the top-left corner of the task pane to assign the task to your team member.
    tasifier set asignee
  11. Click the icon of a member to appoint him or her to be the assignee of the task.
    tasifier asignee
  12. In order to make sure the task has been implemented correctly, click the icon on the top-right corner of the task pane to set a verifier.
    tasifier set verifier
  13. Click the icon of a member to appoint him or her to be the verifier of the task. Later on, when the assignee completes a task, the verifier will see the task listed in his/her My Task page, waiting for him/her to make verification to.
    tasifier verifier
    Now you have created one task completely. If you want to create another task(s), repeat step 5-13.
    Although many tasks have been created and also assigned, since the task pool hasn't kicked off yet, the corresponding assignees still do not receive the tasks:
  14. Click Kick off in the page of the Task Pool.
    tasifier kick off  task pool
  15. After kicking off, the assigned task will appear on the New list of the assignees.
    tasifier after kick off

Work on the tasks

Now, let's look closely at how to work on the tasks.

Click on My Tasks in the left pane and this will list out all the tasks that you have been assigned in the New list. Then, you can decide whether the tasks are urgent to deal with or not. If yes, you can move them to the To do list. Otherwise, you can move them to the Pending list:

  1. Drag a task from the new list and Drop it on the To do list or Pending list depends on the level of urgency. Moreover, you can further prioritize your tasks in each list by the drag and drop action.
    tasifier  prioritize tasks
  2. Click on a task.
  3. Click on the comment area at the bottom of the Task Pane to ask questions, type your comment(s) or provide supplementary information related to a task by clicking Attach file next to the Post button, and then select the file to attach. You may attach multiple files at a time to your comment. Click Post to send out.
    tasifier  post comment
  4. Assign the task to the corresponding team member (refer to step 11 & 12 of the previous section.)
  5. The particular task will then appear on the New list of the assignee for review and comment.
    tasifier  view comment
  6. Type to reply in the comment area and Click Post and Assign back button to assign to back to the person who just posted a comment (you).
    tasifier  post and assign back button
  7. The particular task will then appear on the New list of your Task pane again.
    tasifier reply comment
  8. Click the Complete button if nothing need to be further modified to mark the task complete.
    tasifier complete task
  9. The task will appear on the New list of the verifier. Click on the task and verify it.
    tasifier verify
  10. Click the Close button at the bottom-right of the comment area to mark the task closed if nothing need to be further modified.
    tasifier close task
    After the task is closed, that particular task will NOT appear on any list of anyone anymore.

Review all the tasks in a project

When you need to evaluate the progress of a certain project or look for related tasks in a particular task pool, you might want to review all the tasks in a project.

  1. Click on the name of a project or a task pool on the left pane to review all tasks at a time.
    tasifier task pool list out all tasks
  2. Click Closed near the top-right corner of the task pane right under the Search field to browse also the closed task.
    tasifier task pool closed tasks
  3. Click the down arrow on Sort by priority above the listed tasks and choose the sorting strategy that you prefer: Sort by assignee, Sort by priority or Sort by due date.
    tasifier task pool  sorting  by asignee

Running Tasifer in Visual Paradigm

Other than running Tasifer on the web browser through VPository, it can also be accessed in Visual paradigm. To open Tasifer in Visual Paradigm, you can perform one of the followings:

Select Teamwork and then click Tasifier from the main menu, or

Click on the Team tool from the toolbar and select Tasifer from the drop down menu.

tasifier open in visual paradigm

Tasifier will then be opened as a new tab within Visual Paradigm with exactly the same interface as VPository. This is for you to plan your work based on your design and to perform your task more effectively.

tasifier  visual paradigm

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