ArchiMate 3 Update

Developed by The Open Group ArchiMate Forum, the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification was first published in June 2016. A set of corrections was published in August 2017, and incorporated into the specification as a minor update to become the ArchiMate 3.0.1 Specification.

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Visual Paradigm Enterprise Edition is a certified ArchiMate 3 enterprise architecture tool. It supports all ArcihMate 3 vocabulary, notation, syntax, and semantics.

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What is new in ArchiMate 3?

1. New Strategy Elements

Outcome An end result that has been achieved ArchiMate 3 Outcome
Course of action An approach or plan for configuring some capabilities and resources of the enterprise, undertaken to achieve a goal. ArchiMate 3 Course of Action
Capability An ability that an active structure element, such as an organization, person, or system, possesses. ArchiMate 3 Capability
Resource An asset owned or controlled by an individual or organization. ArchiMate 3 Resource

2. New Elements in the Application, Technology and Implementation Layers

Application process A sequence of application behaviors that achieves a specific outcome. ArchiMate 3 Application Process
Technology process A sequence of technology behaviors that achieves a specific outcome. ArchiMate 3 Technology Process
Application event An application behavior element that denotes a state change. ArchiMate 3 Application Event
Technology event A technology behavior element that denotes a state change. ArchiMate 3 Technology Event
Technology interaction A unit of collective technology behavior performed by (a collaboration of) two or more nodes. ArchiMate 3 Technology Collaboration
Implementation event A behavior element that denotes a state change related to implementation or migration. ArchiMate 3 Implementation Event

3. Improvements in Cross - Layer Relationships

ArchiMate 3 Improvements in Cross-layer relationship

4. New physical Layer

One of the major improvement in Archimate 3.0 is the addition of a physical layer which means that it have a better modeling capability for describing the ever-increasing integration between the digital and physical worlds such as IOT, Robotics and smart grids.

  • New ways to represent physical assets such as machinery and factories, equipment and distribution networks
  • Additional features to represent a wider range of real case modeling situations
ArchiMate 3 Physical Layer diagram example

Improvements in the Viewpoints Definition Mechanism

A viewpoint in the ArchiMate language is a selection of a relevant subset of the ArchiMate elements and their relationships. In support of TOGAF, Archimate 2.1 defines 18 standard viewpoints to cover the business and enterprise architecture, focused on different sets of stakeholders, these are aligned with the ISO42010 standard definition of viewpoints.

In Version 3.0, the description of the viewpoint mechanism has been improved, and the list of viewpoints has been placed in an informative appendix to make it clear that these are example viewpoints.

ArchiMate 3 Viewpoints improvements

ArchiMate 3 Diagrams

The Open Group ArchiMate 3. ArchiMate 3 provides a rich set of modeling notations and concepts that supports modeling architectures consistently within and across domains. As a certified ArchiMate 3 enterprise architecture tool, Visual Paradigm supports all the vocabulary, notation, syntax, and semantics of the ArchiMate 3 visual modeling language. And by combining the use of ArchiMate in TOGAF ADM, you can achieve a consistent description and representation of the architectural details throughout the whole transformation cycle.

ArchiMate 3 diagram example

Certified ArchiMate Tool

Visual Paradigm is a certified ArchiMate 3 enterprise architecture tool (Certificate from The Open Group) that supports all the vocabulary, notation, syntax, and semantics for all ArchiMate language elements and relationships. Besides, Visual Paradigm supports the ArchiMate Viewpoint Mechanism which enables users to create model views with any of the official viewpoints (examples) or user-defined viewpoints. Visual Paradigm also support ArchiMate 3.0 Model Exchange File Format.

ArchiMate 3 certification logo

ArchiMate 3 Viewpoints

A list of ArchiMate 3 Viewpoints

The use of viewpoint allows you to capture and communicate different aspects of a single, underlying architecture model. Visual Paradigm's ArchiMate tool supports the latest set of ArchiMate example viewpoints defined in ArchiMate 3 specification. Visual Paradigm supports both Archimate 2.1 and 3.0 Viewpoints

Visit here for more details: ArchiMate Example Viewpoints (How-to and View Examples)

Custom Viewpoints

If the pre-defined viewpoints do not suffice, create your own. The Open Group certified ArchiMate tool lets you select the elements available as well as defining the stakeholders whom are interested in it.

Custom Viewpoints

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