35 / month *
Perpetual Pricing
* Billed every 3 months for $35 per month. Billed monthly for $39 per month.

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Here are some answers to questions you might have before purchasing

  • How does licensing work?

    When you place an order, you will immediately receive a password (by e-mail) for using Visual Paradigm. We will send you another email with invoice once the order is processed.

  • What is the difference between subscription and perpetual license?

    Subscription license lets you rent Visual Paradigm for the number of months you paid for, whereas perpetual license lets you use the version of Visual Paradigm you paid for permanently.

  • Can I upgrade to newer versions?

    The subscription of Visual Paradigm includes the software, all version upgrades and customer supports within the subscription period.

  • How do I upgrade to latest version?

    You can upgrade to a new version in seconds by running the 'VP Update' program bundled with Visual Paradigm.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    You can choose the following payment methods:
    • Credit cards
    • PayPal

  • What shipping options are available?

    All Visual Paradigm products are delivered electronically. You can download your purchased products from our Customer Service Center.

  • Can I buy through your reseller?

    Yes, in case paying by credit card and making international wire transfer are not available, you can try to purchase from Visual Paradigm authorized resellers in your country.

  • Is there a company/site-based pricing option?

    Yes. Our Site License option enables all staff in your company or department (under same email domain name) to use Visual Paradigm. The license is a perpetual license, and price is US $80,000 per site. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

  • I lost my subscription password. What should I do?

    You can reset your password by clicking 'Forgot Password' in the index page of our Customer Service Center.


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