Accessibility of the web-based features

The Visual Paradigm product family has two client products: Visual Paradigm ("VP Desktop") and Visual Paradigm Online ("VP Online"). Visual Paradigm is a traditional desktop application that can be downloaded and run in your operating system, while Visual Paradigm Online is a modern zero-configuration service that runs on a web browser.

Although the two products are fundamentally different, they are related in a way that some of the VP Desktop features rely on the web technologies provided by VP Online in order to function. The table below summarizes the features involved, with respect to the editions of VP Desktop in which they are supported.

  Enterprise Professional Standard Modeler
Team collaboration
Cloud-based project repository
Task Management *
PostMania *
User Story Mapping *
Customer Journey Map*
Just-in-Time PMBOK
Just-in-Time TOGAF
Just-in-Time Project Management
Just-in-Time Process Map

When you try to access any of these features in VP Desktop, you will be prompted to connect to VP Online, like this:

By signing up for a free VP Online account, you can access all the features available under the running VP Desktop edition at no additional cost.

Note that the features marked * in the table above can operate entirely on a web browser. Users with active software maintenance are granted access to these features in VP Online (via web browser) as well, while users without maintenance can only use these features in VP Desktop.

Besides the features listed above, VP Desktop users with active software maintenance are granted access to the following VP Online features without additional cost.

  Enterprise Professional Standard Modeler
Online UML diagrams tool
Online ERD diagrams tool
Online BPMN tool
Online DFD tool
Online organization chart maker
Online floor plan maker
Online flowchart maker
Online Venn Diagram tool
Online network diagram tool
Online rack diagram tool
Online AWS Architecture Diagram tool
Online Azure Architecture Diagram tool
Online Google Cloud Platform Diagram tool
Online Alibaba Cloud Architecture Diagram tool
Online Tencent Cloud Architecture Diagram tool
Online ITIL diagram tool
Online business concept diagram tool
Online Mind Mapping tool
Online PERT Chart
Online ArchiMate tool
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Five Forces Analysis
Four Corners Analysis

For more details about Visual Paradigm Online, please visit the official website of VP Online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team. We are more than happy to help.