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You might have created a lot of user stories, which makes it difficult to locate the one you want. The search bar is a convenient way of locating the user story(ies) you want without having to scroll through the page. To search for a user story, press Ctrl-F or select Diagram > Search from the toolbar to toggle the search bar. As you begin typing your search string in the search bar, the first result will be highlighted in the active page.

Searching with search bar
Searching with search bar


Moving to next and previous result

There may be multiple user stories that match your search string. If you would like to see all the results for your search string, press Enter to proceed to the next occurrence after you've typed the search string. Alternatively, press the  and  buttons in the search bar to move between search results.

Highlighting all results

You can also highlight all the search results by clicking the Highlight All button in the search bar.

All results highlighted
All results highlighted

Match case

Searching is a case in-sensitive process by default. If you want it to be case sensitive, click Match Case in the search bar.

Closing the search bar

To close the search bar, click on the  button on the right of the search bar.

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