Visual Paradigm User's Guide

Last Modified: Sep 18, 2023

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Part XXII. Interoperability and integration

1. Export and Import XML

2. Export and import VP project

3. Export and Import Microsoft Excel

4. Export and Import XMI

5. Export and Import BPMN 2.0

6. Importing Visio drawing

7. Importing Rational Rose model

8. Importing Rational Software Architect File

9. Importing Erwin Data Modeler project file

10. Importing Telelogic Rhapsody and System Architect project file

11. Importing NetBeans 6.x UML diagrams

12. Importing Bizagi

13. Exporting diagram to various graphic formats

14. Extend functionalities with Open API

15. Command line interface

16. Printing diagrams
7. Selecting Source File in IntelliJ IDEA from UML Class Table of Contents 1. Exporting XML

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