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that drives your project to success

A suite of design, analysis and management tools to drive your IT project development and digital transformation.

New Release: New and enhanced tools that help you achieve more

Agile project tools to improve productivity

Visual Paradigm features a rich set of Agile and Scrum tools for project management.

Full suite of Enterprise Architecture Tools

TOGAF, ArchiMate and more - All the EA tools that support enterprise architecture and digital transformation.

Comprehensive DevOps Tool Suite

Enjoy the new generation of software development with contemporary DevOps tools.

Online Infographics, Diagrams, & Charts Maker

An online editor that provides content creators with charts, data widgets, and maps to visualize data while providing information, tables, and spreadsheet tools to increase productivity. Check Visual Paradigm online

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Team Collaboration

Work simultaneously and collaboratively on the same project. Keep your work securely in the cloud workspace. Access it anytime, anywhere.

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Chock-full of features

Want to learn more? You'll find simple and state-of-the-art tools in Visual Paradigm.

The go-to solution for leading product teams worldwide.

Join the 320,000+ professionals and organizations who trust us! From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government sectors, our proven solutions have made us the go-to choice for enterprise success.

Used by the World's Best-Known Enterprises

Our Academic Partners

The world's leading institutions use Visual Paradigm to prepare the next generation of IT developers with the specialized skills needed for the workspace.

Our Academic Partners
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