Simple and Smart Form Builder

Easily create forms, publish them and get results.

Intuitive form builder

Create your own forms using our drag-and-drop form builder that has all the layout tools, form fields and flexibility you need. Choose from a vast collection of form templates to create registration forms, order forms, feedback forms and more.

Flexible form publishing

Publish your form via a secure link or embed it on your website. We handle hosting your form and help you collect the data you need to get business done.

Results organized

Responses to your forms are neatly collected. Through the management interface you can easily browse the results people submitted from every form you published. You can also export data in CSV format.

Build together

Let your co-workers and friends join and build forms with you to boost efficiency.

Case Study: School Trip Registration

Sunny Hill School will be planning a field trip to a historic state park in the near future. They want their students to be able to have a quick and easy registration process. They want to build a registration form, share it with the school to let students sign up at ease. They chose Visual Paradigm's Form Builder to design, collect and manage registration details. Now let's see how it works

Step 1: Design the registration form

Design a neat and beautiful registration form with Visual Paradigm's drag and drop form builder. Click the button below to try. No prior registration required.

Try the Form Builder

Step 2: Share forms and collect the details

Publish the registration form to students and collect their registration details submitted. A form can be invoked via a secure web link or as part of a web page through the use of embedded code.

Embedded Form

Step 3: Management of collected data

Browse the collected registration details. You can manage (add or modify) all the records through the summary view, or to browse individual record through the form interface.

Browse Result

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