Enterprise Modeling Tool

Create professional EA models quickly and effortlessly.

ArchiMate modeler

Create professional enterprise architecture blueprint quickly and collaboratively using an ArchiMate software chosen by enterprises from all over the world.

Intuitive diagram editor

Drag. Drop. Done. Enterprise architecture design has never been easier.

ArchiMate viewpoint

From the view of a modeler, the viewpoint feature ensure the creation of model with proper ArchiMate shapes, through a constrained palette shape connection.

Shape and color legend

Instantly create user-defined shape types with preset definition and formatting.

BPMN modeler

Visualize business workflows with the BPMN tool. BPMN provides a rich collection of simple yet comprehensive modeling symbols that all people, from business analysts to stakeholders can understand.

BPMN modeler

BPMN 2.0 diagram editor

Create BPMN diagrams quickly with drag and drop. Use the alignment guide to position shapes precisely on a diagram.

As-is and To-be model

Automatically keep the traceability among As-is and To-be model, which is particularly useful in gap analysis.

Expandable sub-process

Intuitively expand a sub-process through a single click, and to browse the BPD at a deeper level.

Organization chart

Organization chart is widely used in the development of enterprise architecture model. Here are some of the typical uses:

  • Organization chart is widely used in the development of enterprise architecture model. Here are some of the typical uses:
  • Visualize EA team formation
  • Visualize reporting structure

Radar chart

Radar chart

What is the capability level of your development team? Which part of your team requires strengthening or optimization? What is the focus areas that will support your development activities? By drawing a radar chart (a.k.a spider chart), you can easily find answers to all these questions.

Zachman Framework

Zachman Framework is a two-dimensional that lets you view, define and specify an enterprise, with six typical communication questions (who, what, where, when, why, how) as columns and six perspectives (scope contexts, business concepts, system logic, technology physics, component assembles and operations classes) as rows.

Business Motivation Model

Business Motivation Model

Develop your business plan by creating a business motivation model (BMM). A BMM diagram visualizes the factors that motivate the establishment of the business plans. It also provides a graphical representation of the business plans and shows how the factors are related with the business plans.

Strategic Analysis Diagrams

Quickly draw beautiful SWOT, PEST, Value Chain, Five Forces, and other strategic analysis diagrams with powerful strategic analysis tools.

SWOT analysis

Evaluate the internal and external factors that can influence your business.

Value chain analysis

List the activities that a business perform to deliver a valuable product or service.

PEST analysis

List and assess the constraints or opportunities based on the four kinds of environmental factors.

Five forces analysis

Identify the five competitive forces that shape a business.

Four corners analysis

Predict the future moves of your competitors based on your business’s strategic move.

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