Team Collaboration Toolset

Design system collaboratively with a cloud-based project repository.
Review & share design online, perform task management, etc.

  1. Commit and Update  

    Develop software more effectively with your team members by using sophisticated team collaboration supports.

    With these team collaboration supports, you will be offered a central repository for storing your software design projects with version control capabilities that allows you and your team members to checkout, commit and update software designs.

    By committing, design changes will be merged to the copy of project in the server. Moreover, through updating, changes will be merged to the local project copy. Thanks to these sophisticated merging and conflict resolution capabilities, everyone can work concurrently without being locked by anyone else.


    • Revamped Teamwork Server administrator user interface

      The administrator pages of Teamwork Server and VPository have been completely revamped for better look and navigability of management tools.

    • Project grouped into folders

      Teamwork projects can be better structured with the use of folder.

    • More detailed information in the Team Recent page

      The Team Recent tab of Project Browser has been enhanced to group the diagrams based on the time changes were made.

    Commit and update
  2. Save your work in the cloud -

    Save your work in the cloud

    With VPository, the cloud service [1], you can access and modify your software designs anywhere. Furthermore, through software designs store in the cloud, developers can connect to it, checkout the projects they need and start working. Let's have a look at some of the great features/benefits of using VPository in the following:

    • Get the service started in just a second

      Subscribe VPository and start the collaboration at once! No learning or installation are required.

    • No hosting required

      You don't have to find hosting or manage any server. You don't even need any extra software either! When your team is ready, we will be here for you.

    • Available day and night, 24 hours a day

      Our servers spread across multiple centers in different geographical locations. The connection is fast regardless of your location and it is always available.

    • Your work is safe

      VPository includes the tools you need to manage user accounts and projects, control permissions and access rights.
      We also offer on-premise installation of our server. If interested, please contact us for more details.

    [1] VPository is also available as a self-hosted (on-premise) solution

  3. Comment the diagrams  

    Share your diagrams with analysts, designers, software developers or whoever involved in your project, let them view the diagrams online, and leave comments. PostMania brings everyone together, for better communication, higher customer satisfaction and a better software product.


    • Supported browsing Matrix in PostMania

      You can now share a matrix with stakeholders, to let them view and comment on the content of matrix in their web browsers.

    • Supported browsing RACI/CRUD Charts in PostMania

      You can now share an RACI or CRUD charts with stakeholders, to let them view and comment on the content in their web browsers.

    Built-in design discussion
    • Get clients involved

      Share your design with your clients. Let them view your design online and give comments.

    • Run on Android

      View diagrams and post comments on Android tablets with the PostMania Android app.

    • Simple diagram sharing

      Share a diagram with URL. Let viewers view the diagrams easily with web browser.

    • Keep track of important discussion

      Follow a discussion topic to receive up-to-date notification when someone has posted a reply.

    • View and post online

      Login to in a web browser. Read and give comments anytime and from anywhere through web browser.

  4. Store supplementary files in the cloud

    Store supplementary designs files in for versioning and for sharing with your teammates. Associate those supplementary files with your software design, so that readers can open the files directly from the design without the need to search for that particular file in the system again.

    Store supplementary files in the cloud
  5. Compare with earlier revisions

    By knowing the evolution of your software design, you can get to know more about how the software worked before and why was certain decision made. The Visual History tool [2] supports browsing diagrams in older revisions and features "comparison" and "revert" tools. By comparing the latest design with an earlier revision, you can easily tell what was added to, removed from and/or updated in a design at a glance. In addition, you can revert the design to the previous state as well.

    Compare diagram with old revision
    • Compare model elements with an old revision

      Compare model properties such as name, description, etc.

    • Revert change(s) from an old revision

      Rollback your work to the state it was before.

    [2] Can only trace back to revisions that are committed with version 10.0 (or any version higher)

    • Commit part of the content of the entire project

      Keep designing and commit the part that is stable and finalized.

    • Conflict resolution

      Reliable conflict resolution saves your time in finding and resolving design conflicts made by two or more team members.

    • Branching

      Risk-free approach allows significant model changes by working on the copy of the original project.

    • Tagging

      Produce milestone by creating tag.

    • Work offline

      Work anytime and anywhere without the need to connect to any server.

    • Revert local changes

      Instantly clear all the changes made locally.

    • Avoid unnecessary modification by diagram lock

      Protect your design from accidental modification by locking it.

    • LDAP authentication

      Login to Teamwork Server with your LDAP user credentials.

    • Active Directory (AD) authentication

      Login to Teamwork Server with your Active Directory (AD) user credentials.

    • SAML authentication through Okta  

      Enterprise clients can now setup SAML authentication through Okta.

    • SAML authentication through Microsoft Azure  

      Enterprise clients can now setup SAML authentication through Microsoft Azure.