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7 Basic Quality Tools

Discover, analyze and solve quality related issues with the help of the Seven Basic Tools of Quality. Our quality control diagram tools makes diagramming fast and simple.


A Flowchart represents a series of steps. It is often used in representing an algorithm, workflow or process. As a quality tool, flowchart can help in understanding a process and identifying loopholes and bottlenecks.

Cause and Effect

A popular problem solving tool that shows the relationship between a result and its possible causes.


Histogram is a kind of bar chart that shows the distribution pattern of data. Histograms are useful in studying patterns of distribution and in drawing conclusions about the process based on the pattern.

Control Chart

Control Chart helps in studying whether a process is in control or not. In a Control Chart, process mean is plotted at center and the upper and lower control limits are plotted on both sides of it. The values lying outside the control limits indicate that the process is out of control.

Pareto Chart

Pareto Chart is a combination of bar chart and line chart, where individual values are represented in descending order by bars, and the cumulative total is represented by the line.

Scatter Chart

When solving a problem or analyzing a situation one needs to know the relationship between two variables. Scatter chart is a tool to study the relationship between two variables.

Check Sheet

Check Sheet is a structured form for data collection.

Manage quality initiatives with Quality Control Canvas

Quick access to QC tools used

Quality Control Canvas provides you with direct access to all the seven quality tools within the same place – the canvas. You don’t have to move between pages and applications to find the tool you need.

Multiple canvas for multiple initiatives

Create separate Quality Control Canvas for each of your QC initiatives. The diagrams are grouped by canvas, providing you with an effective way to organize your work.

Multiple templates that fit different purposes

Six Sigma (DMAIC)

Six Sigma is an organization-wide approach used to specify how organization managers set up and achieve objectives. Six Sigma prescribes an improvement process called DMAIC. The DMAIC QC template visualizes the classification of different quality tools in the Six Sigma methodology.

Six Sigma DMAIC Quality Control template

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