Desktop or Web-based Modeling Tool?

7 reasons you need to use desktop application for professional visual modeling.

  1. No reliance on an internet connection

    Nowadays, internet accessibility is normally available in our day-to-day life. Yet, there are still situations when you don't have Internet access, or connected under unstable condition; and you may often come across the following situations:

    1. You are on the plane
    2. You are visiting a customer onsite and the mobile phone signal is weak
    3. Your office is suffering from Internet outage
    4. Your service provider is suffering from Internet outage

    Moreover, we often experience slow and unresponsive web apps. Given that the reason behind slow desktop apps might be caused by your drive is full or with an insufficient memory, users can always rectify the problem by themselves. On the other hand, web apps become slow mostly caused by heavy data traffic (which happens frequently), or your internet connection is not fast enough or too unstable, which user can merely do nothing about it.

  2. Incomplete work stored locally (will not be viewed by others)

    Some of web-based diagramming tools claim that they offer real-time collaboration capability. It might seem quite attractive when you try for your first demo section in the trial period especially with small scale project. But when you adopted it for actual software development projects, you will often experience all kinds of problems ranging from totally unresponsive or even hibernate for tens of minutes if not an hour! If you don't want your design models leak out or hack by someone, it is important to choose a secured development workplace for your team. Visual Paradigm enables you to checkout your projects for working on them locally, and committing back to the server for version control and change management etc. Seeing is believing, we recommend our customers to have a thorough evaluation before making any buying decision. Those toy-like diagramming tools will not improve your productivity, but might often cause loss of data, leaking of information and jeopardize your team collaboration experiences.

  3. Model reuse (using the same model in multiple diagrams)

    When you work on a team project, you often require reusing models or shapes that you had previously created from one diagram to other. In doing so it is not only for the sake of saving your time, but also ensures the consistency among models and subsequently changes in one diagram. Updates and changes will be automatically applied to the rest of the related diagrams, saving your time and efforts significantly. To use a toy-like web-based diagramming tool you can never get this sort of thing done and not to mention about the complexity of teamwork or model sharing issue activities across a project in an enterprise.

  4. Glossary (project base)

    The goal of modeling is communication. The establishment of project-based glossary can greatly improves the understandability of your model, which avoids misunderstanding and to minimize confusions. Visual Paradigm provides not only a glossary but also enables the automatic highlighting of glossary terms in model and shapes, with support of easy traversal and lookup capability.

  5. Security concern

    The thoughts of "lack of security and safety" are always buzzing in the minds of web app users. Internet is and will never be a secure place - any enterprise software conducted online is always at a risk of being security breached.

    While the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs ten! There are so many IT security disasters every year. Do you want to expose your latest design / idea to your competitors?

    Visual Paradigm has an on-premise Teamwork Server (USD $3,999) option for company to host the data in their own facility. With secured tunneling or web server proxy technology, you can easily open your access to your staff without VPN. Feel free to contact our support team for more detail.

  6. One-time payment vs forever recurring cost (You have the choice)

    The online diagramming vendors only offer cloud based option. Although the startup cost of ownership may be relatively smaller, when times go by your cumulative cost of ownership will grow sky high. Regardless whether you have the need to modify your diagram in the future or not, you still need to pay for your subscription regularly. You have no choice! The only choice you have is to download your current files and terminate the subscription, but how about the legacy? What is the possible migration...

    Visual Paradigm offers both subscription and perpetual licensing options. For subscription option, you can always request full repository backup, and then save it in your facility, which can be restored to production in the future.

  7. Branch and Tag

    With full scale desktop application, you can have version control and change management support for your work, avoiding modification of a stable version of your model and you can choose to merge your work whenever you feel fully confident.

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