Visual Paradigm Products

Belows are the kinds of features that can be found in each Visual Paradigm product. For details, please visit:

  VP EnterpriseVP ProfessionalVP StandardVP Modeler

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
Business Modeling
Team Collaboration
Task Management
Glossary Management
User Story 3C's
User Story Scenario
Wireframe and Storyboard  
High-Fidelity Mockup Tools  
Code Engineering (Java, REST, C++, C#, PHP, XSD, etc)  
Database Generation & Reversal  
Hibernate (ORM)  
Document Production

RACI and CRUD Chart
Mind Mapping
Advanced Model Management  
Impact Analysis  
User Story Mapping    
User Story Affinity Estimation    
Sprint Management    
Customer Journey Mapping    
On-Demand Model ETL    
Project Management Tools    
Decisions & Rules Management    
Process Animation    
Zachman Framework & BMM Diagram    
ArchiMate 3.0      
TOGAF ADM process Guide-through      
Project Management Lifecycle Guide-through      
Strategic Planning with Business Motivation Model (BMM) Guide-through      
Just-in-Time Process Map      
Just-in-Time TOGAF Templates      
Just-in-Time PMBOK Templates      
Just-in-Time Project Management Templates      
 The filled circle indicates the support of certain feature in certain product
A summary of features supported by Visual Paradigm

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