Case Management (CMMN) Diagram Tool

CMMN software for modeling case-oriented business scenarios

CMMN Diagram

Business scenarios can be highly dynamic in that the workflow involved and the outcomes depend a lot on ad-hoc events and decisions. The OMG Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) is a declarative modeling language that provides an agile and dynamic way to address the situations that may happen within a context, known as a case. By drawing a CMMN diagram, you can visualize the events that may happen in the context of a case, the tasks involved, the milestones, etc.

Visual Paradigm features an easy-to-use CMMN tool that allows you to visualize cases with CMMN easily and quickly.

CMMN Diagram

Have process tasks in your CMMN diagram linked to a BPMN processes.

Export CMMN diagrams as images

Export your CMMN case models as images in PNG, PDF, JPG and SVG formats.

Explain case model with annotation

Add an annotation layer and describe the events, stages, milestones in detail.

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