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Just-in-Time Project Management Templates

Agile project management tool for collaborative and incremental project management & deliverables generation.

Get an IT Project Done, Phase-by-Phase, Activity-by-Activity

The out-of-the-box project management tool provides you with the necessary process template with work items that guide you through an agile, incremental project management deliverables development process. All work items come with step-by-step guide-through instructions and samples. Your team can flexibly work together to get the work done in either sequence or parallel way; follow through or skip over some of the activities.

Get an IT Project Done, Phase-by-Phase, Activity-by-Activity

Simply Agile - Just-in-Time, Just-Enough

No matter you adopt the out-of-the-box project management process template straight away, or you intend to customize, touch-up, add or remove some process steps of the template to fit your specific needs, Just-in-Time Process Composer empowers you the freedom of choices with simple drag & drop GUI.

Simply Agile - Just-in-Time, Just-Enough

Form-based Process Deliverables

Smart Forms embedded with instructions and samples let your team kick-start a process easily without worrying what need to be done here and there. The information collected in the forms will be consolidated and summarized in nice formatted, and yet customizable process deliverables.

Form-based Process Deliverables

Mix with PM, PMBOK® and TOGAF® Forms and Work Items

Configure your Just-in-Time process by adopting the pre-defined forms and work items bundled with the project management tool straight-away. By using the pre-defined forms or work items you can select, mix and match different reusable work items in your process, which covers TOGAF® ADM activities, PMBOK® and other general project management activities.

Mix with PM, PMBOK and TOGAF Forms and Work Items

Four Levels of Process Schemes Determined by Project Complexity

There is no one-size-fit-all solution when it comes to project management. The Just-in-Time project management tool comes with four sets of project management schemes that cater different levels of project complexities, allowing your team to perform and complete only adequate amount of management activities and deliverables.

Deliverables Generation

Fill in the form and mark it completed, the pre-defined deliverable(s) associated with the form will be automatically generated and archived in the Documentation Cabinet. Perhaps you can touch-up the Word documents generated for the deliverable(s) or design your own deliverables using the Just-in-Time Doc. Composer

Deliverables Generation
Identification Initiation Planning Execution and Control Closeout
Project Proposal Project Charter Work Breakdown Structure Status Report Lessons Learned
Cost Benefit Analysis Project Complexity Assessment Project Schedule Meeting Agenda Project Closeout Report
Risk Assessment Resource Plan Procurement log
Project Complexity Assessment Staffing Plan Risk Register
Budget Plan Issues Log
Project Plan Change Control Request
Project Performance Plan Change Request Log
Risk Register User Acceptance Report
Change and Configuration
Management Plan
Procurement Plan
Communications Plan
Quality and IV&V Plan
Project Plan
Deliverables Auto-Archived

Deliverables Auto-Archived

Incrementally develop deliverables by completing the forms and work items. Generate deliverables using default deliverables templates or the Just-in-Time Doc. Composer at you own choice. The collaborative work of your team will be automatically classified, versioned, and archived in the Documentation Cabinet.

Learn it and Use it Just-in-Time

You can easily find hundreds of references in the topic of Project Management, but that will cost you hours of effort for searching the relevant information to move a step forward! Visual Paradigm provides you with inline, step-by-step guide-through instructions together with samples for each step.

Learn it and Use it Just-in-Time

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