Write User Stories in an Effective Agile Tool

Story based conversation, confirmation, written scenarios and storyboard

Write User Stories with the 3C's

User Story is a technique widely used in agile software projects in capturing and prioritizing software requirements. Card, Conversation and Confirmation, namely the 3C's, are known to be the three critical components of good user stories. As a professional agile tool, Visual Paradigm features a User Story tool that allows you to write effective user stories following the 3C's guideline.

User Story 3C's - Conversation notes

Conversation notes

The User story software tool lets you communicate with stakeholders to identify their needs and find solutions. Write down the findings and decisions in the conversation notes editor. Development team can read the notes in knowing stakeholder's needs, which can be very useful in product development.

User Story 3C's - Confirmation items

Confirmation items

Maintain a checklist of acceptance criteria raised by the stakeholders, which defines under what conditions and criteria the working software would be accepted or rejected.

Besides, you can optionally define the steps with which acceptance testing will be performed in verifying the completion of story.

Detailing the User Stories

You can detail user stories by including additional information necessary for software development.

User Story - Written Scenario

Written Scenario

Describe the interactions between user and system as steps. You can use operators like if-then-else and looping, include wireframes for steps and generate sequence diagram and activity diagram from the scenario.

User Story - Storyboard


Create screen mock-up by drawing wireframes, let the stakeholders know how things will work out by performing a slideshow, and to confirm that what you are going to build actually meets their needs.

User Story - Diagrams


Keep the design under user stories, and access them on-the-spot. Looking for the ERD? Or the sequence diagram that represents business logic? They are all under the user story that you are working on.

The tools below makes the management and prioritization easy


Categorize user stories by tags.


Keep log for all changes made to user stories.

Configurable Status

Configure the user story statuses (e.g. Todo, Pending, Confirming, etc) required for specific project.


Set the team member who are responsible to the user story.


Want to be informed about changes made to a user story? Just follow it.


Document the details of user stories with the description editor.

URL reference

Add URL reference to a user story. Example usage: The testing page for acceptance testing of story.

File reference

Add supplementary files to a user story through the file reference feature.


Share a user story with someone by sending him a URL of the user story.

Map BPMN with User Stories

Provided that a software system is built to support business processes, business workflow could be a great source of requirements. Visual Paradigm facilitates the process of story identification through BPMN - Write user stories in a BPMN business process diagram, and then associate them with the related BPMN activity with connectors.

Map BPMN with User Stories
User Story Mapping

Looking for an agile user story mapping solution?

Please check Visual Paradigm Professional or Enterprise. The table below compares the various editions of Visual Paradigm in terms of their support to agile development tools like user story and story mapping.

Check out how user story map works
  Enterprise Professional Standard
User Story 3C's
User Story Scenario
User Story based storyboard
User Story based diagram management
Include diagram/model/URL/file/folder references in stories
Map BPMN with user stories
User Story Mapping
Risk and effort assessment with Affinity Table
Story point estimation with Affinity Table
Hour estimation with Affinity Table
Spike management
Sprint management
Sprint task board for progress tracking of stories
Tasks generation from user stories
User Story Statements (As a, I want to...)

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