Just-in-Time PMBOK Templates

Be guided by an actionable PMBOK process map in project management.

Actionable PMBOK process map

We help project teams adhere to the PMBOK with lower cost and risks. The Just-in-Time process map features a PMBOK process template that contains all the actionable work items your team need to manage projects with PMBOK. Team members follow the steps and instructions in each work item to get the management activities done. Process deliverables will be automatically generated and archived in a visual File Cabinet for future accessing.

Project Management in PMBOK Way

Simply AGILE - Just-in-Time, Just-Enough

The Just-in-Time process map is configurable. You can add and remove phases to reflect process changes, and to re-arrange, add and remove work items to reflect the activities to be performed. All this can be done any time you like, making the map highly flexible and adaptable to your project.

Simply Agile - Just-in-Time, Just-Enough

Work items for data collection

The work items serve two main purposes: Data collection and problem analysis.

Collection of process data is achieved by using work items that support form-filling, like the figure shown below. Typical examples of form-filling work items include project charter, scope management plan and issue log. All the work items are well-designed and ready-to-use. You can include them in your process map without further customization needed.

Form-based Process Deliverables

Document generation

The information provided under work items will be consolidated and summarized in nice formatted, and yet customizable PMBOK deliverables. You can easily access the auto-generated copies under the Project Management Repository, a visual File Cabinet, or to generate one on-demand.

Deliverables Generation
Initiation Planning Execution Monitoring and Controlling Closing
Project Charter Project Management Plan Cost Management Plan Project Status Report Change Request Lessons Learned
Stakeholder Register Requirements Management Plan Activity Cost Estimate Deliverables Status Change Log
Scope Management Plan Cost Baseline Change Request Earned Value Status Report
Requirements Documentation Project Funding Requirements Project Team Directory
Requirements Traceability Matrix Quality Management Plan Team Performance Assessment
Project Scope Statement Process Quality Checklists Enterprise Environment Factors
Scope Baseline Product Quality Checklists Procurement Agreement
Schedule Management Plan Quality Metrics Issue Log
Activity Attributes Process Management Plan
Activity List Human Resource Management Plan
Milestone List Communications Management Plan
Project Schedule Network Risk Management Plan
Activity Resource Requirements Risk Register
Resource Breakdown Structure Change Request
Activity Duration Estimates Make-or-Buy Decisions
Project Calendar Procurement Management Plan
Project Schedule Procurement Statement of Work
Schedule Baseline Stakeholder Management Plan
Deliverables Auto-Archived

Deliverables auto-archived

As process workers complete work items on the PMBOK process map, the information entered will be consolidated and summarized as PMBOK deliverables, which are automatically generated and archived in the Project Management Repository, a visual File Cabinet.

Learn and use it just-in-time

You can easily find hundreds of references in the topic of PMBOK, but that will cost you hours of effort for searching the relevant information to move a step forward! The PMBOK tool provides you with inline, step-by-step guide-through instructions together with samples for each step.

Learn it and Use it Just-in-Time

Process tailoring with custom diagrams and text

One size really doesn't fit all, which is why process customization is important. Just-in-Time Process Map has a full set of common work items to capture and store diagrams and text throughout the customization process. Simply drag and drop the work items you need from the gallery into the process map. Process workers can then perform the required actions during the process execution.

Process Tailoring with Custom Diagrams and Text

Task management for work items

Assign task for each of the work items in the Just-in-Time process map to Tasifier, the task management platform anytime and work collaboratively with your project team members.

Task Management for Process Activities

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