Chart Maker

Represent your data in visually appealing charts, with an easy-to-use, drag and drop chart maker.

Make your data visually appealing

Create charts and graphs in minutes! A rich set of beautiful chart types & about a hundred of chart templates are available.

Easy editing of data

Start building your chart by entering the data in a handy, spreadsheet like editor. Chart content will be updated instantly following your data. No additional effort needed!

Sharing made easy

Sharing made easy

Need to share your chart with co-workers or friends? You can generate a range of output formats, including PDF, images (PNG, SVG, JPG, EMF), reports (Word, PDF, HTML), according to your needs.

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Column Chart
Line Chart
Pie Chart
Doughnut Chart
Bar Chart
Area Chart
Scatter Chart
Bubble Chart
Radar Chart
Pictorial Chart
Pyramid Chart
Funnel Chart
Gauge Chart
Radial Chart
Rose Chart
Heat Map
Tree Map

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