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Task Management Tool

From user stories to development activities. Manage agile software project with powerful task management tool.

Manage Development Activities with Tasifier

Keep the development activities in Tasifier, an agile friendly task management tool. Tasifier keeps your tasks, related artifacts and the discussion among developers in one single platform.

Project management with Tasifier

Crystal-clear MyTasks list

Schedule your works by moving tasks between the New, To-Do and Pending lists.

Categorize tasks with tags

Indicate the status of tasks by using tags (e.g. Urgent, Long-Term).

Manage big task with sub-tasks

Makes your work more manageable by breaking-down a task into sub-tasks.

Verify person

Ensure the quality of work by assigning team members to verify tasks.

Group tasks by Task Pool

Group tasks into a logical Task Pool, by their use cases, priority or the iteration they are in.

Task Pool in different phases

Plan before working. Tasifier lets you plan your tasks first, and 'kick-off' when ready.

Review of soon-to-due tasks

Review current workload in planning what to do next. List the tasks that due today, this or next week.

Access anywhere

Use Tasifier on the web, any time and anywhere.

Smooth members' interactions

Report progress, raise issues, request change and give feedback, all by posting comments to task.

Easy task assignment

The task management tool makes the re-assignment of task easy with a direct assignment function.

Get notified by following tasks

Keep yourself notified of any update on followed tasks.

Extensive search capabilities

Find task(s) by inputting a keyword. A large set of search criteria is supported.

Prioritizing tasks

Prioritizing tasks

Tasks are streaming in endlessly, but your time is limited. We believe that task management is about focusing on a small and manageable amount of works at a time. This helps save your time without sacrificing the quality of work. The To-do, New and Pending task lists are provided for you to prioritize your tasks wisely based on your schedule, the complexity and importance of tasks. Your tasks are well managed. Your time is well managed.

From user story to tasks

Write agile user stories for clients' needs, and then manage the development activities with Tasifier. Each user story can be linked with a Task Pool in Tasifier, and each Task Pool holds a set of related development tasks. So you can pick-up a user story, and then start planning the related design, implementation and testing activities.

From user story to development activities

Turn every software project into a successful one.