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Team Collaboration with VPository

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  • June 13, 2013
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Team collaboration has been under the spotlight in recent years, particular in the software development industry. Many software development teams began to realize the importance of team work, cooperation and coordination among team members. Consequently, they employed practices such as source control and team collaboration in streamlining their software development process. As an innovative software company, Visual Paradigm offers its customers industry-specific cloud-based collaborative solutions to make collaborative and concurrent software designing much more efficient and productive than ever.

VPository is a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows software development teams to store their software designs in the cloud, and edit them collaboratively from anywhere, at anytime. In this tutorial, you will learn what VPository is and how VPository can support your team in collaborative and concurrent software modeling. After that, you will subscribe to VPository and create your first project in VPository.

What is VPository

VPository is a cloud-based collaboration platform for you to store your Visual Paradigm projects online. Software teams who subscribed to VPository will be granted a company-wide domain where projects can be stored. Team members can access VPository to checkout the projects they need and start working on them. Any changes they have made can be shared with the rest of the team through a "commit" action.

Collaborative Software Design in Action

If you want to view this tutorial in action, play the video below.

Subscribing to VPository

In order to use VPository, you have to subscribe to it first. VPository subscription can be made from Visual Paradigm. Ready? Let's jump right in.

  1. In Visual Paradigm, open the project you recently working on. (The project will be imported into VPository at the end of this tutorial)
  2. Select Teamwork > Open Teamwork Client... from the main menu.
  3. You are prompted to select the type of repository to login. Click on VPository.
    select repository type
  4. You are prompted to enter the cloud entry point, email and password. Ignore them first. We will check back later when you have complete the subscription. Click Subscribe to VPository... at bottom left to continue.
  5. A web page is opened. Enter your name and email address. Give a subdomain to complete the Cloud entry point. Cloud entry point is the URL where you and your teammates can access to login your VPository account. It is unique to your team, so please fill in your company name as the subdomain here.
    subscribe to vpository
  6. Read both the Terms of service and Privacy Policy carefully. If you accept, check I agree to Visual Paradigm Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click Subscribe to VPository.
  7. A confirmation email is sent to you and it should arrive within 10 minutes. Check your inbox now. If you haven't received the email after a good while, check the junk folder of your email client. Click on the confirmation link in the email.
    confirm vpository subscription
  8. Again, a web page is opened, asking you to fill in the repository and manager details for initializing your VPository account. Enter the name of the repository, which is preferably the name of your company. Then, enter your name and password.
    initialize vpository
  9. Click Start My VPository. Wait while VPository is preparing your server.
  10. When you see the congratulation screen, go back to the client application. You now owns a VPository account. Move on to the next section to create a project in VPository.
    subscribed to vpository

Creating Project in VPository

  1. When you switch back to Visual Paradigm, you can see that the cloud entry point and email fields in the Login screen are filled in for you. If not, fill in yourself. Enter your password and click Login at bottom right.
    login to vpository
  2. You are recommended to import a project to VPository because there is currently no project there. Let's import now. Confirm the dialog box that recommends you to import project and continue.
  3. In the Import Project window, keep Currently Opened Project to be the source of project file to import.
    import project to vpository
  4. If you click Import now, project will be created in VPository immediately and you will be the only one who can access the project. For now, let's invite your colleagues to VPository, and grant them access rights to read and modify the project. Click Add Project Users>.
  5. The Project Users screen is where you can grant either or both the read and update rights to the other users/user groups. Click Invite New User... at bottom left to invite your teammates to the new project.
  6. Enter the name(s) and email address(es) of your teammates and click OK.
    invite teammates
  7. Now, grant both read and update rights to your teammates. The Read permission means that user can only checkout the project and read its content. The Update permission means that user can both read the project content and commit changes to server.
    grant teammates rights
  8. Click Import. Now, you can continue working on the imported project. Your colleagues will receive invitation emails that invite them to join VPository. When they accepted the invitations, they can open the project from VPository and start working. Please read the next section for details.

Accepting Invitation and Start Working

As the VPository manager, you have successfully imported a project into the server. You can continue work on it, but how about your colleagues? Ask them to check and perform the steps below to accept your invitation and open the project from VPository.

  1. Check the inbox. Look for the invitation email and click on the activation link in it.
    activate vpository
  2. A web page is opened. Modify the name and/email if necessary. Enter the password and click Activate.
    activate vpository acc
  3. In Visual Paradigm, select Teamwork > Open Teamwork Client... from the main menu.
  4. Select VPository when being prompted the type of repository to login to.
    login vpository
  5. In the Login screen, enter the cloud entry point (that can be found in the invitation email), your email and password. Click Login.
    login vpository
  6. This shows the Open Project window, which displays the projects stored in VPository and are available to you. Double click on a project to open it.
    open project
  7. That's all. Now, the whole team can continue working on the imported project. To share changes with others, perform a commit (Teamwork > Commit...). Similarly, get others changes by performing an update (Teamwork > Update...).

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