Decision Table Tool

The decision table tool that helps you formulate business rules easily.

Decision Table

Decision table provides a handy way to explain business rules. In a decision table, rules are presented as columns, while the conditions that constitute the rules and the actions to take are listed as rows. The structured representation is easy to read and understand, making decision table an ideal tool to represent business policy, constraints and rules, regardless of their complexity.

Decision Table
Simple Editing

Simple editing features

Visual Paradigm features an intuitive decision table editor that makes editing fast and straight forward. Both to add and re-arrange conditions, a rules or actions can be done with a single-mouse click. Editing is done inline – no redundant popup window!

Highlighting of Rules/Conditions/Actions

Visual traceability among rules, conditions and actions can be achieved through the smart highlighting feature. When row(s) or column(s) is being selected, its counterparts will be highlighted instantly, which is useful in realizing the content of rules and identifying loopholes.

Decision Table Highlighting
Decision Table Filtering

Rules filtering

Screen out non-interested rules by applying filter on conditions and/or actions, so that you can focus on a subset of rules that matches particular specific conditions and actions.

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