Other great features you can find in Visual Paradigm,
such as multi-languages support, plug-in development, etc.

  1. Multiple Language Support - German, Polish, Spanish, French and more

    Multilingual team can design software peacefully with Visual Paradigm, thanks to its multi-language support. Visual Paradigm's user interface can be displayed in a variety of languages, including English (default), German, Polish, Spanish, French, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

  2. Develop your own functions with plug-in (Java)

    Develop your own functions with Plug-in (Java)  

    Develop a model with your own notations, add your own model validation rules, produce document by extracting data you need, etc. In Visual Paradigm, you can achieve nearly everything you want by writing your own plug-in. Visual Paradigm has a light-weight application framework that can be easily extended using its open API. You can develop plug-in to read, create, update and delete diagrams, model elements and shapes.


    • Simplified plugin installation

      You don't need to perform any file copying anymore. Visual Paradigm features an installation feature that allows you to install your plugin from zip and folder.

    • Incorporate your own notation in model

      You can define your own notation, with own name, own properties and symbol, and incorporate in your model.

    • Develop your own menu and tools

      Add your own menus and tools for triggering the function or features you developed.

    • Simple plug-in deployment

      Copy and paste is everything you need to know in deploying a plug-in.

    • Customizable diagram toolbar

      List in diagram toolbars the items your team need, to avoid your team including wrong elements in diagrams.

    • Customization menus and toolbars

      Show in user interface the menus and toolbar items your team need, to avoid your team triggering any feature unexpectedly.

    • Configurable application font

      Change the application to show in the font you like. You can set a font as well as controlling the font size.

    • Automatic update checking

      Keep Visual Paradigm updated for fixes and enhancements. The automatic update checking feature seeks for available updates periodically, and download the changes in background.

    • Flexible memory setting

      Visual Paradigm is ready for enterprise scale project. There is an opened memory setting for users who need a higher memory setting for working with large project.