Visual File Cabinet

Keep your files in a visual file cabinet designed by you

Design your file cabinet visually

Visual File Cabinet provides a visual and configurable repository for keeping and managing your project files.

Construct and configure your own cabinet with the visual cabinet builder. Simply drag-and-drop to add drawers into the cabinet. The auto-layout function automatically arranges the drawers in an organized manner. To create a cabinet is just a few minutes of work.

Design your file cabinet visually
PMBOK file cabinet

PMBOK example

An example of file cabinet constructed to store project management deliverables and artifacts created and collected by adopting PMBOK as project management methodology.

TOGAF file cabinet

TOGAF example

This visual file cabinet was constructed based on TOGAF's Architecture Repository. Architects can keep architectural assets such as delivearbles and artifacts in this cabinet.

Business Motivation Model file cabinet

BMM example

Another example of visual file cabinet is to hold the deliverables created by performing a strategic planning through the development of Business Motivation Model (BMM).

Drag-and-drop file storage

Keep your files in your file cabinet. Simply drag your files into the target drawer and release the mouse button. A link is established. You can then open the files from the drawer from now on.

Advanced file management

The visual file cabinet comes with a file manager for you to view, add and remove files in drawers. Functions like searching, file grouping make it so easy to find out the file you need. You can also describe the files.

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