BPMN Diagram & Tools

Visualize business workflows. Communicate business process ideas
with BPMN business process diagrams.

  1. Business Process Modeling
  2. Design Output, Export and Import
  1. BPMN Business Process Diagram

    Knowing how the business operates is the first and the most critical step of business process improvement. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), provides a graphical representation of business workflows that anyone, from business analyst to stakeholder, can easily understand; aiding in business process analysis and business process improvements.

    • Document working procedure for task/sub process

      Write step-by-step working procedures to each of the business activity in business process diagram.

    • Drill-down sub process

      Business process modeling with abstraction by maintaining multiple process diagram layers. Easily drill down a sub process right on the spot.

    • Collapsible sub process shape

      Easily collapse sub process to hide the details, expand it to view the internal workflow in thumbnail.

    • Shared states among data object shapes

      Model the change of data object state by maintaining a unique set of states per data object.

    • Automatic sequence and message flow correction

      Automatically convert sequence flow to message flow, or the other way round when a wrong type of flow is used.

    • BPMN conversation diagram

      Conversation diagrams visualize messages exchange between pools.

    • Generate to-be process diagram from as-is diagram

      Generate to-be business process model from the as-is process model, and keep the two models connected.

    • Select all shapes in a direction

      Use the Handi-Selection tool to select a range of shapes. For example, select all shapes on right hand side of mouse cursor position.

    • Select all shapes in same type

      Improve business process modeling efficiency by selecting all workflow elements in same type.

    • Identify workflow elements from textual analysis

      Discover pools, lanes and tasks of process from text document, with the help of textual analysis.

    • Process statistic

      Show the number of message flows, total process costs and total processing of hours of a business process.

    • Export BPMN 2.0

      Export BPMN business process diagrams to standard BPMN 2.0 XML format.

    • Import BPMN 2.0

      Form business process diagrams from BPMN 2.0 XML by importing it into Visual Paradigm.