Radar Chart Tool

Easy-to-use Radar Chart software tool to create any kind of radar chart and spider chart.

Radar Chart (A.k.a Spider Chart)

What is the capability level of your development team? Which part of your team requires strengthening or optimization? What is the focus areas that will support your development activities? By drawing a radar chart (a.k.a spider chart), you can easily find answers to all these questions.

Radar Chart (A.k.a Spider Chart)
Stages in radar chart

Multiple Stages

Create colored stages (aka. rings) for items to be examined. Example use: Stages for each of the competitor to be assessed in competitive analysis.

Drag-and-drop in radar chart

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Drag-and-drop to adjust the score of variable. As you drag, the score will be shown and updated on-the-fly.

Using process area in radar chart

Process Area

Group similar variables into process areas. Apply different color code for visual differentiation.

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