Online Diagram Editor

Edit and convert casual drawings into detailed modeling diagrams

Versatile diagramming with Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is not just for modeling; it also supports casual drawing. Modeling in Visual Paradigm involves detailing the properties of shapes to support activities like code engineering, consistency checks, model transitions, and document generation. In contrast, casual drawing is more relaxed, focusing on creating shapes and connectors directly from your ideas. Visual Paradigm offers over 150 types of diagrams, including charts and business graphs, which you can create on both desktop and web browser platforms.

Click here for the list of diagram types.

Online Class Diagram Editor

From casual drawing to detailed modeling

Casual drawings can be imported into Visual Paradigm Desktop and converted into modeling-based diagrams. Start with a casual diagram and then elaborate on it for more detailed modeling purposes. This enables you to further detail the shapes and perform activities such as code engineering, model structuring, transitions, and document generation.

Import Online Diagram to Visual Paradigm Desktop

Here is a list of diagrams that can be imported into Visual Paradigm Desktop for further modeling.

  Enterprise Professional Standard Modeler Community
UML & Software Development
Use Case Diagram
Class Diagram
Activity Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Deployment Diagram
State Machine Diagram
Component Diagram
Package Diagram
Data Flow Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram
Business / Enterprise
BPMN Business Process Diagram
ArchiMate Diagram
Project Management
Enhanced PERT Chart
Organization Chart
Work Breakdown Structure
Mind Mapping

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