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How to Prioritize Tasks in Tasifier?

No wonder that we need to manage countless number of work every day. Without a thoughtful planning, we may frequently come across with the risk of deadline overruns or even we can meet the deadline, we may need to sacrifice the quality of work. With Tasifier, we can set a due date to every task and put them into To-do list or Pending list separately. While tasks in the former list need to be done shortly, tasks in the latter list can be processed later. Since every time we focus merely on a small amount of tasks on the To-do list, our order of work become organized and this greatly reduce the chance of deadline overdue. In the following tutorial, we will teach you the way to prioritize your work in Tasifier.

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  • October 15, 2014
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Arrange you tasks with priority lists

There are three lists in the Main Pane.

3 list

Firstly, the New list is for listing out tasks that you have received recently (for instance, when your team member just assigned a task for you or when an assignee just finished a task and need to be verified, the task will appear on the New list of an assignee or a verifier respectively and automatically). Secondly, the To do list is for listing tasks that should be deal with shortly. Finally, The Pending list is for listing tasks that need to be tackled later on. When a task appears on the New list, you can first click the task to look for more information. Then, you can decide whether to move it to the To do list (if you think the task is urgent) or to the Pending list (if you think the task can be managed later). To do this:

  1. Drag a task from the New list and drop it on the To do list or the Pending list depends on the level of urgency. A pink line appears to indicate the position of tasks that will be located at upon dropping. OR
    drag n drop
  2. Click the Down arrow button on the left of the task, and choose Move to To do or Move to Pending to move the tasks accordingly.
    move by button
    Apart from moving the task one by one, you can also perform a group move. To do this:
    1. Select a task from the task list and then press and hold the Shift button to select multiple tasks.
      move multiple
    2. Drag the tasks and drop it to another list.

    Moreover, you can prioritize your tasks within each list by the drag and drop action as well.

Set the due date of a task

Every task has a due date, the date that you have to complete the task before. In Tasifier, you can set a due date on every task. To do this:

  1. Click on a task and this shows the Task Pane.
    open task
  2. Click Due Date near the top right corner of the Task Pane.
    edit due date
  3. Select a due date from the calendar or simply type the due date in the Due Date field.
    pick date
    The due date will then be shown next to the task in the task list. With the due date of all the tasks being listed, you can prioritize your work order base on it.
    show date


When you have a task that you need to be completed long time later (i.e.30 days) and you only need one day to accomplish, you can set a reminder in Tasifier and you will be notified just one day before the deadline. In this way, you no longer overlook any task before the deadline. To do this:

  1. Click on a task and this shows the Task Pane.
  2. Click the alarm clock icon near the top right corner of the Task Pane.
    click alarm
  3. Enter the number of day(s) that you want to be reminded before the deadline.
    set date
    Once you set the reminder of a task, an alarm clock icon will be shown next to the due date of the task in the task list.
    10a show alarm

Classify tasks with tags

In order to categorize tasks, you can create different tags. For example, you can categorize tasks by their urgency, source, state, etc. This also helps in prioritizing your tasks when you need to perform a certain type of tasks (tasks with the same tag) first. To create tag and assign it to a task:

  1. Click on the Plus button next to the TAGS caption in the Left Pane.
    add Tag
  2. Enter the name of the tag in the Main Pane and press Enter to confirm.
    name tag
  3. Specify the tag with a particular color can make it more visually unique. Colored tags will appear in Task Pane when viewing a task. Providing an appropriate color to a tag can help your team members to realize the nature or state of the task easier. Click on the down arrow next to the tag name to popup the Tag Color pane.
    pick color
  4. Select a color.
  5. Open the Task Pane of the task to edit.
  6. In between the task description and the comment log, you can see a tag icon. Click on the Tag button on the top-right corner.
    tag in task
  7. This shows a drop down menu for tag selection. Click inside the check-box of the tag to add to the task. You can add multiple tags to the task.
    15a pick tag
  8. Click Apply. Tag is added to the task and you can view it under the task name in the Task Pane and next to the task in the task list which helps you to justify which tasks to go first.
    show tag
    Repeat the above steps to create tags and assign to other tasks.

Following task

If you are not involved in a task but you want to be updated on the task status, you can follow a task. So that, you can be notified by receiving message in inbox when someone leave a comment or has completed that particular task.

  1. Open the details of the task in Task Pane.
  2. Click Follow at the bottom of the Task Pane.
    follow task
  3. The profile photo of followers are listed next to the Follow button. Followers will be informed on comments and changes.
    task followed
    Apart from following the task by yourself, you can also make your teammates to follow a task. This is needed when you think that they should be informed when there is an update of the task. For example manager, he may not be the one who do the task but he need to monitor the progress. To do this:
    1. Click on the add button next to the Follow button or next to the list of followers.
      add follower
    2. Select the member(s) that you want to follow the task.
      follower added

    Follower will receive Inbox message when his following task being updated.

Watch this tutorial on YouTube

Here is the video version of this tutorial.

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