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Visual Paradigm 教程

我们的教程专就各类您关切题目提供详尽的介绍和指引,让您成为软件开发的专家。我们会定期上载新的教程并更新现有教程,欢迎常来查来,以帮助您掌握使用 Visual Paradigm。


How to Generate Class Diagram from ERD?


Visual Paradigm supports generates class diagrams from entity relationship diagrams. Every entities and relationships will map to classes and associations accordingly.

How to Generate ERD from DDL?


  • Generate DDL from database
  • Reverse DDL to generate ERD

How to Generate Sequence Diagram from Java?


  • Reversing Java source code into sequence diagram

How to Draw DFD with Multiple Context Levels?


  • Creating context level DFD
  • Creating level-1 DFD

Data Flow Diagram with Examples - Supermarket App Example


  • Description of DFD Example
  • Tips and Cautions

Introduction to BPMN Part III - Flow and Connecting Objects


  • Activities
  • Events
  • Gateways
  • Sequence Flows
  • Message Flows
  • Case Study - The True Aqua Distilled Water Company (Cont.)

How to Find Use Cases from Business Process (BPMN)?


  • What are BPMN and BPD?
  • What is Use Case Diagram?
  • Transit from BPD and Use Case Diagram
  • BPD vs. Use Case Diagram
  • Case Study: The True Aqua Distilled Water Company

How to Design REST API?


  • Design REST API
  • Generate REST API and API Doc

Introduction to BPMN Part II - Swimlanes


  • Pools
  • Lanes
  • Case Study - The True Aqua Distilled Water Company (Cont.)

How to Keep ERD and Data Dictionary Synchronized?


  • Data modeling
  • Producing data dictionary
  • Keep data dictionary up-to-date

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