Visual Paradigm Features

Visual Paradigm is a world-wide leading award-winning enterprise management and software development suite, which provides all the features you needs for enterprise architecture, project management, software development and team collaboration in a one-stop-shop solution.

Visual Paradigm Concept Map Report Generation Code & DB Engineering Process Mapping System Design User Experience Customer Experience Design Task Management and Monitoring Progress Management Workload Estimation Agile Backlog Management 4 Sets of Complexity-driven Process Templates Generic PM Guide-through Process PMBOK Deliverable Composer PMBOK Process Map 100+ Pre-defined Work Items Guided Strategic Planning Process (BMM) ArchiMate 3 (Certified) Auto-Deliverable Generation TOGAF Deliverable Composer Actionable TOGAF Process Map TOGAF Guided Process

Guide-through and Just-in-Time Process

  • TOGAF ADM Process Navigator and Guide-Through Process
  • Full Project Management Process with Just-in-Time Process
  • Guide-through and Just-in-Time process
    The TOGAF ADM Process Navigator. It covers the nine ADM phases.
  • TOGAF ADM Phase B
    Activities of an ADM phase. Each phase contains a set of activities required to perform in order to produce the corresponding deliverables.
  • Form filling deliverable composer
    Some activities require you to fill-in forms in order to produce deliverable.
  • Gap Analysis
    Gap Analysis with ArchiMate 3. Look at the bottom right. It's a color legend that enables you to effective apply color code to elements in diagram.
  • Organizational Model for Enterprise deliverable
    Generate TOGAF ADM deliverable once your've completed the activities.
  • Architecture Repository
    Architecture Repository is where deliverables being archived. While deliverables are automatically archived, you can also put a file into a drawer (in the Architecture Repository) manually.
  • Project Management lifecycle
    The Project Management Lifecycle. There are five phases in total.
  • The Identification phase of Project Management lifecycle
    The activities involved in the Identification phase..
  • Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management
    The use of Work Breakdown Structure in scope definition in Project Management.
  • Just-in-Time TOGAF ADM
    Just-in-Time process template for TOGAF ADM.
  • Just-in-Time PMBOK
    Just-in-Time process template for PMBOK.

Stress by complex EA and IT project management? Our solutions are as below.

Huge investment on training

Visual Paradigm's Guide-through Process walks you through the EA and PM lifecycle with steps, embedded instructions and examples. Your team can kick-start EA and perform project management with ease, regardless of your team's size. No prior training required.

Misaligned IT and business strategies?

Start your EA and project management with well established and widely used open standards and templates such as TOGAF®, or PMBOK® that ensure the IT initiatives are aligned with your business vision, goals and strategies.

Communication issues with user?

Visual Paradigm provides a collaborative and automated environment for you to manage stakeholders, assignment and scheduling of tasks with PERT chart, generating report with Doc. Composer and archive completed deliverables automatically to the visual File Cabinet.

Lack of analysis & design tooling?

Hundreds of business and technical diagram tools (e.g. ArchiMate, BPMN, UML, etc) have been integrated into our process tools, supporting your analysis and design needs throughout the entire EA and project management lifecycle.

Time-consuming manual works?

Fully automated step-by-step guide-through approach together with the project progress indicator, telling you where you are, and what will be done next without any hassle.

Inflexible management tools?

You can follow standard processes or tailor your own. Our Just-in-Time process lets you adopt suitable templates, along with a simple operation by dragging work items around for minor touch-up.

Agile Software Development

Agile approach has gained a considerable amount of attention in the software industry in the current economic atmosphere, however the adoption of an agile approach is not without its complications:

  • Agile Software Development
  • User Story Map
    Overview, relate and break-down complex software requirements into manageable user activities, user tasks and epics and subsequently to user stories.
  • Epics and User Story screen
    Oversee the user stories of the entire product. Create, prioritize and re-locate user stories on-the-fly.
  • Affinity Table
    Estimating user story both in story points and hours at the same time.
  • Scrum sprint board
    Edit, prioritize, label user stories with easy drag & drop GUI. Manage and organize stories with multiple sprints and epics.
  • Sprint task board
    Keep an eye on the project's progress. View and update the progress of stories by drag-and-drop around the columns.
  • Gantt Chart support
    See the start and end dates of tasks, their inter-dependencies and progresses, make adjustment to their duration on-the-fly in the Gantt Chart tool.
  • User Story statements
    Write user story statements under an Epic, and have user stories generated automatically.

Hard to manage agile projects? Our solutions are as below.

Hard to adapt to changes?

Seamlessly receive and manage user features collected from EA or Project Management process which can adequately address various enterprise issues including governance and standard compliance.

Siloed teams?

A built-in task management platform that allows remote teams develop projects in parallel and manage tasks and multiple sprints effectively. It puts agile process live which can be accessed through desktop and over the cloud.

Time-consuming activities?

Manually plan, manage and update various backlogs, sprint tasks and communications for remote teams are tedious and time consuming. We provide a one-page pictorial process canvas for your team to manage all these activities and the artifact produced.

Non-scalable backlog?

Fully automated agile process for product backlog grooming such as, decompose user activities into user tasks and epics, all in one page. You can further break down epics into a set of related user stories.

Inaccurate story estimation?

Make story estimate process transparent to promote fair and open policy, perform affinity estimation for user stories in terms of size and technology complexities. Perform spike investigation in the initial development stage.

Disjointed product backlog and sprint?

Effectively include prioritized stories into sprint backlog. View and manage sprint in dedicated sprint management screen. Monitor progress with sprint board.

Silo between user story and task?

With Tasifier, our task management platform designed for agile software development, seamlessly integrated into the agile tools, you can assign tasks in the sprint board inline and check detailed "My Task" or "project view" by going to the task manager at your own choices.

Uneasy to schedule tasks?

Tasifier provides easy to conceptualized Gantt chart view which is always kept in sync with the list view in Tasifier.

Flexible Process customization and Integrations

Why do some people go for agile approach, while the other people prefer to follow a standard process, framework and methodology? Which one should we choose? It really depends on whether the requirements of target system is predictable or not. If the requirements are tended to be predictable, to follow a well-defined process would be fine, or otherwise, if the project has high risk or when upfront requirements are hard to obtain, then an agile approach is more desirable.

Nowadays, requirements tended to be dynamic and might change quickly, and thus, an agile approach with flexible processes should be adopted in just-in-time and just-enough manner. We might need our process to be more agile and able to be customizable from time-to-time for different problems or situations. If this is the case, then it is recommended to use Just-in-Time process. It consists a gallery of work items and forms that allow you to design variant of process templates. You can simply drag & drop work items or forms for the inclusion of exclusion of works into the activities of a process needed to be touched up flexibly just-in-time.

Agile Toolset

  • Web wireframe
    Draw wireframes for website, desktop applications, Android tablets and phones, iOS tablets and phones.
  • Class Diagram
    Using Class Diagram for the design of an API. With no redundant widgets on the screen, you can design freely in a large diagram editor.
  • UML Sequence Diagram
    Model system behaviors with UML sequence diagram tool. With the use of the Resource Catalog diagram tool, a sequence diagram can be created quickly and effortlessly.
  • Use Case Diagram
    Represent business goals with UML use case diagram.
  • Just-in-Time PMBOK deliverables generation
    Build documents with Doc. Composer.
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
    Design database using Entity Relationship Diagram. Take advantage of features like auto column, inline column editing, auto FK creation, etc.
  • Built-in Task Manager
    Manage software development activities with Tasifier - our task management tool.

Different projects might require different combinations of agile tools to handle different situations or natures the problems. An agile development environment should also include a rich toolset for developers to flexibly adopt them at their own choices. Visual Paradigm consists of a large set of agile tools to fulfill the needs of the entire software development process for your team. A selected group of major agile tools in Visual Paradigm are listed as following:

Discover the Best Fit for Your Needs

  • Enterprise
  • Professional
  • Standard
  • Modeler
  • Community
UML diagram
SysML diagram Enhanced
ER diagram (ERD)
Diagram templates & examples
BPMN diagram (business process mapping)
Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
Flowchart New
Cloud services architecture designer New
Team collaboration (Cloud / On-premise) Enhanced
  • Cloud workspace
  • Commit and update project
  • Branch and tag
  • Revision archiving - browse history and roll-back
Diagram review and commenting
Task management
Project glossary management
Textual analysis
EPC diagram (Event-Driven Process Chain)
Organization chart
Network diagram
General diagrams New
Floor plan maker Enhanced
Engineering diagrams New
Basic data visualization tools
  • Chart types: Column, line, pie, doughnut, bar, area
Use case description
User Story
  • 3C's - Card, Confirmation, Conversation
  • Scenario editor
  • Story-based storyboard
  • Visualize story in diagram
UX wireframe
UX storyboard
High fidelity mockup tool
Code engineering
  • Generate / update code from UML
  • Generate UML from code
  • Round-trip engineering
Database engineering
  • Generate / update database from ERD
  • Generate ERD from database
  • Generate & reverse DDL
Hibernate (ORM)
Document generation
  • Doc. Composer
  • Project Publisher
Process Map Designer New
  • Matrix-style Process Map editor
  • Over 40 business & technical process templates
  • Unlimited rows and columns
  • Configurable data format: Text, List, Bullet, etc
  • Mergeable cells
  • Use image in cells
  • Data visualization with charts
Mind mapping
  • Mind map diagram
  • Brainstorm diagram
Advanced data visualization tools
  • Chart types: Scatter, bubble, radar, pictorial, pyramid, funnel, gauge, radial, rose, heat map, tree map
Infographic maker
SoaML diagram
Strategic analysis tool New
  • SWOT analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • PEST analysis
  • Five Forces analysis
  • Four Corners analysis
Value Stream Mapping New
Diagram animation
Advanced model management
  • Project referencing
  • Model transformation
  • Model Transitor
  • Shape Legend
  • Color Legend
  • Model Nicknamer
  • Diagrams comparison tool
  • Design pattern tool
RACI and CRUD chart
STEPS wizards
Impact analysis
  • Analysis diagram
  • Matrix tool
Scrum Process Canvas
  • One-page Scrum process canvas
  • Actionable work items
  • Prioritized product backlog with story map integration
  • Sprint backlog
  • Effort-estimated task list
  • Daily Scrum meeting records
  • Impediment log
  • Burndown chart
  • Scrum board
  • Sprint review and retrospective management
  • Iterative sprint data management
  • Release and deliverable management
  • Scrum team and stakeholder management
  • Project retrospective management
  • Automatic report generation and archiving
  • Integration with task management
Scrum Process Canvas customization New
User Story Mapping & Agile tools
  • User Story Map
  • Sprint backlog
  • Story estimation: Affinity Table
  • Burndown chart
  • Scrumboard
UX Wireflow
  • Path definition with component-based scenes
  • Path definition with wireframed scenes
  • Animated wireflow
UX prototyping tool
Visual REST API designer
  • Visual REST API designer
  • Generate Swagger / API blueprint formatted API
  • Generate API documentation
On-Demand Model ETL
Customer Journey Map
PERT Chart
Breakdown Structure Chart
Cause and Effect diagram
Roadmap & implementation plan
Radar chart
Visual file cabinet
Business rule management
  • Decision table
  • Business rule grid
  • Fact model
CMMN diagram
Zachman Framework
BMM diagram
ArchiMate diagram
  • ArchiMate diagram
  • ArchiMate viewpoints
TOGAF ADM Guide-Through
  • TOGAF ADM cycle navigator
  • Actionable work items
  • Diagram and form-based artifacts
  • Automatic deliverable generation and archiving
TOGAF ADM Guide-Through customization New
Project Management Lifecycle Guide-Through
  • Project management lifecycle navigator
  • Four Process Schemes that Fits Different Project Complexity
  • Actionable work items
  • Diagram and form-based artifacts
  • Automatic deliverable generation and archiving
Strategic Planning Guide-Through
  • BMM process navigator
  • Actionable work items
  • Diagram and form-based artifacts
  • Automatic deliverable generation and archiving
Business Process Reengineering Canvas New
  • One-page BPR process canvas
  • Actionable work items
  • As-is process modeling
  • To-be process modeling
  • Gap analysis
  • WBS - Structure reengineering works
  • Work package portfolio
  • Implementation plan
  • KPI & performance assessment
  • Reengineering team management
  • Automatic report generation and archiving
Business Process Reengr. Canvas customization New
Just-in-Time Process Map
  • Drag-and-Drop process map creator
  • Massive actionable work items
  • Deliverable composer
Just-in-Time process templates
Just-in-Time Process Map customization New
Enterprise Model Finder
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Create guide-through process Contact us for details
Create Just-in-Time work items Contact us for details
Create guide-through process Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details
Create Just-in-Time work items Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details
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