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Visual Paradigm Tutorials

These tutorials provide more in-depth or step-by-step overviews of particular topics. New tutorials are being added on a regular basis. Come back often to check out our latest tutorials to help you get started with Visual Paradigm.

Latest Tutorials

How to Use Profile Diagram to Manage Stereotypes?

Aug 16, 2021

  • Create UML profile
  • Model stereotype via profile diagram

Flowchart Tutorial (with Symbols, Guide and Examples)

Sep 20, 2018

  • What is a flowchart?
  • Understanding flowchart symbols
  • Flowchart examples
  • How to draw flowchart

Quick Tutorial: Task Management Guide

Sep 19, 2018

  • Planning project tasks
  • Assigning tasks
  • Completing a task

UML Tutorial: From Problem Description to Models

Sep 18, 2018

  • Identify candidate classes from textual analysis
  • Develop class model with the identified classes
  • Develop interaction model with the classes

How to Share and Review Process Design Online?

Sep 17, 2018

  • Sharing process design via PostMania
  • Browsing process design online
  • Commenting design

Agile Tutorial

Sep 11, 2018

  • Introducing Agile & Scrum
  • Using Scrum Process Canvas

How to Draw an Activity Diagram in UML?

Aug 10, 2018

  • Introduction to UML Activity Diagram
  • How to draw an Activity Diagram?

Business Process Modeling (BPM) Tutorial

Aug 10, 2018

  • Introduction to business process modeling
  • How to use BPD in process modeling?

How to Draw a State Machine Diagram in UML?

Aug 10, 2018

  • Introduction to UML State Machine Diagram
  • How to draw State Machine Diagram?

Business Process Mapping (BPM) Tutorial

Aug 10, 2018

  • Introduction to business process mapping
  • How to use BPD in process mapping?

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