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How to Bookmark Shapes? - A BPMN Example

The bookmark feature in Visual Paradigm helps you keep track of important things in your project. Basically, you can bookmark a diagram, a shape, or multiple shapes in a diagram. These bookmarks are stored in your project, which means that you and your teammates who can access the project in team environment can all access the bookmarks.

Compatible edition(s): Enterprise, Professional, Standard, Modeler

  • August 26, 2015
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In this tutorial, we will show you how to create bookmark and re-visit a bookmarked item.

Creating a Bookmark

  1. Download VP-Sample-Project.vpp. You can also find this file at the bottom of this tutorial, under the Resources section.
  2. Open the downloaded project file in Visual Paradigm.
  3. Open the Business Process Diagram Replace shock structure of landing gear. You should see the diagram below:
    business process diagram
  4. Select the shapes to bookmark. Let's perform a range selection that covers the tasks Perform General Inspection, Perform Urgent Fix and Perform Detailed Testing.
    select shapes
    Note that if you want to bookmark the diagram, simply click once on the background of the diagram.
  5. Add a bookmark by selecting Diagram > Bookmarks > Add Bookmark... from the toolbar.
  6. In the Add Bookmark window, enter Car Inspection (Core) as the name of the bookmark. You should enter a distinct and meaningful name here.
    add bookmark
  7. Choose the folder to store the bookmark. Let's try to store it in a new folder. Click New Folder... and enter Business Workflow as the folder name.
    created folder
  8. Click Add.

Revisiting a Bookmarked Item

Select Diagram > Bookmarks > Bookmarks > Business Workflow > Car Inspection (Core) from the toolbar. The bookmarked shapes are selected.

bookmarked shapes

Organizing Bookmarks

You can sort, rename and change the properties for your bookmarks via the Organize Bookmarks window. To show the Organize Bookmarks window, select Diagram > Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks... from the toolbar.

organize bookmarks

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