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Written Date: January 29, 2008
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Mind Mapping Diagram is a simple, yet powerful diagram to help organize concepts and ideas through a visual note-taking approach. By presenting ideas in a networked form, user can develop precise ideas much easier.

There is no restriction on the usage of Mind Mapping Diagram. It can be used for making business decisions, preparing meeting agenda, story planning or any aspects of our lives that require effective thinking.

Drawing a Mind Mapping Diagram

1. Create a Mind Mapping Diagram by right-clicking on Mind Mapping Diagram in Diagram Navigator
Alternatively, diagram can be created in the following ways:
• Menu (File > New Diagram > Others > Mind Mapping Diagram)
• Toolbar (Press on the New Mind Mapping Diagram button on the toolbar)
2. In the Mind Mapping Diagram, a Central idea node will be created by default. Give it a name which can represent this Mind Map.
3. We can start creating the Sub-ideas. To exhibit a Sub-idea from the Central idea, move the mouse cursor over the Central idea node. This shows a list of resource icons surrounding the node.
4. Move the mouse cursor over the Connector -> Node resource icon.
5. Press on it.
6. Drag to where the Sub-idea should locate and release the mouse button.
7. This creates the Sub-idea node. Give it a meaningful name.
8. Confirm editing by either pressing Enter, or press on the diagram.
Alternatively, you may simply click on the resource icon to create a node. This will help you create node in the best position on the diagram.
9. To create a Sub-idea under another Sub-idea, move the mouse cursor over the source Sub-idea, press on the Connector -> Node resource icon, drag and drop to the target position.
Again, you may click on the resource icon to create nodes.

Using Shortcuts

Besides creating Sub-idea nodes through the resource-centric interface, it is possible to create through shortcuts (hotkeys). This way of creating nodes will make it smoother when drawing the Mind Map by only using one input device, the keyboard.
To create a Sub-idea node under another, select the source node and press the Insert key.
To create a Sub-idea node as a sibling to another, select the source node and press the Enter key.


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