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Visual Paradigm Tutorials

These tutorials provide more in-depth or step-by-step overviews of particular topics. New tutorials are being added on a regular basis. Come back often to check out our latest tutorials to help you get started with Visual Paradigm.

Most Viewed Tutorials

How to Create Requirements Spec. in Minutes?


  • Writing a Doc Base
  • Opening a Doc Base
  • Generating a Document

How to Draw a Mind Map?


  • Linking mind map nodes
  • Using icons
  • Using Shortcuts

How to Develop a Customer Journey Map?


  • What is Customer Journey Map?
  • How to create a Customer Journey Map?

How to Store Reference Files in a Project?


  • Storing reference files in your project
  • Adding file reference to an entity
  • Sharing the file with teammate

TOGAF ADM Software: Act and Generate ADM Deliverables


  • Understand TOGAF ADM
  • Learn the use of TOGAF ADM Process Navigator
  • Compose and Generate Deliverable
  • Using Architecture Repository

Communicate Process Design with Stakeholders, Using PostMania


  • Sharing a process design with stakeholder
  • Posting a comment by stakeholder
  • Follow-up on stakeholder's comment

Communicate Software Design using PostMania


  • Enabling PostMania
  • Posting discussion topic
  • Replying topic

How to Change Application's Font Settings?


  • Customizing application's font settings

Proxy Pattern Tutorial


This tutorial is aimed to guide the definition and application of proxy design pattern. By reading this tutorial, you will know how to develop a model for the proxy pattern, and how to apply it itn practice.

How to Animate a UML Activity Diagram?


  • Animating flows in Activity Diagram
  • Exporting animation to HTML

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