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Visual Paradigm Tutorials

These tutorials provide more in-depth or step-by-step overviews of particular topics. New tutorials are being added on a regular basis. Come back often to check out our latest tutorials to help you get started with Visual Paradigm.

Most Viewed Tutorials

How to Draw UML Communication Diagram?


  • Understanding communication diagram
  • Drawing swimlane
  • Drawing actor and lifelines
  • Adding messages to links between lifelines

How to Apply Numbering for Messages in Sequence Diagram?


  • Specify scope for sequence message numbering

How to Draw BPMN 2.0 Business Process Diagram?


  • Drawing business process diagram
  • Creating choreography tasks
  • Creating intermediate events

How to Design REST API? The Twitter Example


  • Develop object model
  • Designing REST API
  • Generate Java API and API Doc.

How to Organize Domain and Implementation Model?


  • Working with model explorer
  • Transiting domain model
  • Compare models

How to Gather Requirements with UeXceler? (YouTube Example)


  • Effective requirements gathering
  • Know what UeXceler is
  • How to operate with Visual Paradigm in requirements gathering

How to Animate a BPMN Business Process?


  • Problem of Business Process Presentation
  • Animating Your Business Process Design
  • Creating and Playing an Animation
  • More about Gateways
  • Exporting Animation to Web Contents

Generating C# from Class Diagram in Visual Studio?


  • General class modeling
  • Generating C# code from class model

Data Flow Diagram with Examples - Vehicle Maintenance Depot


  • Description of DFD Example
  • Tips and Cautions

Oracle Database Design Tool


Visual Paradigm provides visual database and UML design environment for design oracle database, generate DDL, Java source and Hibernate mapping.

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