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Visual Paradigm Tutorials

These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on specific topics. New tutorials are being added regularly. Please check back often for our latest tutorials to help you get started with Visual Paradigm.

Most Viewed Tutorials

How to Maintain a Glossary for Multiple Projects?


  • Concept of centralizing glossary terms
  • The steps to centralize glossary terms

How to Bookmark Shapes? - A BPMN Example


  • Creating a Bookmark
  • Revisiting a Bookmarked Item
  • Organizing Bookmarks

How to Prioritize Tasks in Tasifier?


  • Re-order the tasks
  • Specify due date and reminder for task
  • Categorize tasks with tags
  • Follow latest update of the task

How to Create Circuit Diagram?


  • What is Circuit Diagram?
  • Purpose of Circuit Diagram
  • How to create Circuit Diagram

How to Create Venn Diagram?


  • What is Venn Diagram?
  • Purpose of Venn Diagram
  • How to create Venn Diagram

How to Create Floor Plan?


  • What is Floor Plan?
  • Purpose of Floor Plan
  • How to create Floor Plan

How to Create Network Diagram?


  • What is Network Diagram?
  • Purpose of Network Diagram
  • How to create Network Diagram

How to Create Mind Map?


  • What is Mind Map?
  • Purpose of Mind Map
  • How to create Mind Map

How to Create BPMN Diagram?


  • What is BPMN Diagram?
  • Purpose of BPMN diagram
  • How to create BPMN diagram

How to Create Data Flow Diagram (DFD)?


  • What is Data Flow Diagram?
  • Purpose of DFD
  • How to create DFD

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