How to Generate a RACI Chart from Business Process Diagram

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The BPMN Business Process Diagram visualizes the business workflow in a graphical way which is easy to be understood by anybody. Besides the workflow, it also tells the responsibility of a particular role in the company, i.e. who is doing what. But in the real situation, the task probably is not done by a particular role alone, participant may need to consult others or inform others when performing a task. This important information is also critical to the workflow but cannot be seen in the business process diagram. With Visual Paradigm, we can make use of the RACI chart to fill these information. In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate the RACI chart from your business process diagram using Visual Paradigm and how to share your RACI chart with your colleagues by using the PDF report.

What is RACI Chart?

RACI chart is a matrix that presents the different responsibilities of people, teams, department or any other business units in completing business activities for a business process. A typical RACI chart involves rows of participants and columns of business activities. Cells, when appropriate, are marked with letters R, A, C or I, with each of them representing a specific kind of responsibility. Here is a description of RACI:

R - Responsible. Participant does something to achieve a specific business activity.

A - Accountable (also approver or final approving authority). Participant who verifies the completeness and correctness of business activity.

C - Consulted. Participant who gives advice on business activity.

I - Informed. Participant who is kept updated on the progress on business activity.


In order to perform the steps in this tutorial, make sure you have Visual Paradigm downloaded and installed.

You also need to download the sample project with BPD, which will be used to demonstrate the generation of RACI chart throughout this tutorial.

Now let's start to create our RACI chart from our business process diagram.

Generate RACI Chart from Business Process Diagram

  1. Open the sample project online_shop.vpp. The sample project contains a simple business process diagram named Online Shop.
    01 BPD
  2. We need to produce a RACI chart from this business process diagram to describe the responsibilities of the three participants - Sales Officer, Manager and Delivery Staff. All you need to do is to right click on the background of the business process diagram and select Utilities > Generate RACI Diagram from the popup menu.
    02 generate raci
  3. A RACI chart is immediately formed by evaluating the workflow in the business process diagram. A participant is said to be 'responsible' for a task when that task is placed inside the participant pool in business process diagram. In such case, the cell is marked with 'R'.
    03 raci generated
  4. As mentioned above, there are totally 4 kinds of responsibility you can describe by using RACI chart. Other than Responsible ('R'), we have Accountable ('A'), Consulted ('C') and Informed ('I'). Let's fill in the RACI chart with other kinds of responsibilities.
    Let's say the Enter Order task will need to get approval form Manager, we can record this by right clicking on the cell and select Accountable from the popup menu.
    04 apply approver
  5. Suppose Delivery Staff needs to inform Sales Offer when he delivers the orders, we can right click on the cell and select Informed from the popup menu to record this.
    05 apply informed
  6. We can specify the color of each of the code to make the RACI chart easier to read. To specify the color of the code, right click on the code at the bottom of the chart and select Configure %code% from the popup menu.
    06 config code
  7. In the Configure Code Type dialog, press the ... button in the Color field to change its color.
    07 change color color
  8. You can also change the color for other codes in the Configure Code Type dialog.
    08 change other code
  9. Press OK once you have finished specifying the color and responsibility of each participant with colored code shown in the chart.
    09 chart with color

Generate RACI Chart into PDF Report

Once you have completed the RACI chart, you can export it into PDF report and share it with your colleagues. To create report for your RACI chart:

  1. Go to Tools > Doc > Doc. Composer to create a Document Composer.
    10 create report composer
  2. We first select our Online Shop diagram under Business Modeling > Business Process Diagram in Diagram Navigator, drag out the Online Shop diagram and drop it into Report Composer.
    11 drag n drop diagram
  3. Now the image of the business process diagram is showing in the document.
    12 diagram in report
  4. Next we select the Online Shop RACI Diagram under Impact Analysis > Chart Diagram. Drag out the Online Shop RACI Diagram from Diagram Navigator and drop it into Report Composer.
    13 drag out raci
  5. Now the RACI chart is added to report by following the business process diagram.
    14 raci in report
  6. Press Export > PDF Report... at the top right hand corner of Report Composer.
    15 export report
  7. Specify the path for outputting the PDF file in the Output path field.
    16 specify output path
  8. Switch to Cover Page tab and change the Title of the report to Online Shop RACI Chart.
    17 specify title
  9. Press Export button to export the report into PDF document. And you can now share it with your colleagues.
    18 exported pdf


  1. online_shop.vpp

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Comments (5)

written by Natasha on July 25, 2014

Does the Modeler edition give the option of automatic creation of RACI diagram?

written by Rain Wong on July 26, 2014

The generation of RACI is supported in Standard Edition or above.

written by Angus Chan on August 1, 2014

The creation of RACI diagram supported by Standard Edition or above.

written by Dennis Evans on December 24, 2014

Hello VP,
This is just a comment about your RACI training video - in RACI the 'A' does not stand for Approver, it stands for 'Accountable'. R is for the person who actually performs the task but the person or business area who 'owns' the process is the Accountable one - accountable for ensuring the process performs as outlined in its KPIs (or SLAs) based on required levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Parameters in RACI Chart Tool
RACI chart tool represents four parameters as we have already noted in the Introduction. Following are the meanings for each of these parameters:

Responsible: This is a person, who performs a task or work and he/she is responsible for the work.

Accountable: Primarily the person in charge of the task or work.

Consulted: Person, who gives feedback, contribute as and when required.

Informed: Person in charge who needs to know the action or decision taken.

RACI chart tool is a great tool when it comes to identifying employee roles within an organization. This tool can be successfully used when there is role confusion within the company. Role confusion may lead to unproductive work culture.

Changing Management Issues

The primary reason for creating a RACI chart tool is to resolve organizational issues. It looks at three main factors:

Role conception: The attitude or thinking of people towards their work roles

Role expectation: The expectation of a person with regards to another person's job role.

Role behavior: The activities of people in their job function.

These three concepts help management to identify the misconceptions that people have towards their job roles.
Reasons for Role Confusion

Although role confusion can be solved using RACI chart tool, it is always a good idea to identify the reasons behind such confusion. This helps the organization to avoid such situations occurring in the future.

Following are some of the reasons for role confusion:

Improper balance of work

Idle time

Passing on the ball, being irresponsible

Confused as to who makes the decisions

Ineffective communications


Filling idle time by creating and attending to non-essential time

Don't care since no one's bothered attitude
I hope this information helps - and the tutorials are very useful and informative and consequently need to be as accurate as possible.
Dennis Evans

written by Rain Wong on February 16, 2015

Dear Dennis,

In latest build (20150204) we have adjusted the software to replace the Approver with Accountable for newly created RACI chart in the project. Please update your software to latest build (by running Visual Paradigm Update from the bin folder of the installation directory) to have this enhancement.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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